kory kustom car photography owner [photo: Steve Nelson]

I document the story of passionate car owners and builders through photography.

A car is built to be driven, more than on & off the trailer. Why buy the car if its going to sit in storage all its life. Give it to someone that will actually appreciate it, and treat it accordingly. I am not saying I want to see every hot rod out there chopped up and engines replaced with EFI V8’s. What I'm saying is...

I want to see owners that enjoy building, driving and breaking their cars.


If you enjoy your vehicle, car, truck, van, bike even motorized bar stool I want to photograph it. I want to show off the details of your build in a way that will make people stop and ask "you really built that?"

Why should you pick me to photograph your ride?
Because on top of having a great eye for the automobile as an art form I have also been in the automotive industry for over 10 years. I've built old cars, new cars, fabricated parts and turbocharged a few things that may or may not have needed it.