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What are we doing?

April 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Reclaimed by nature tour. 

This idea came to me years ago, while poking around a junk yard around my hometown in Missouri. I had been photographing cars for about 5 years at that point but had never shot anything like this before. These once pristine and beautiful machines were now rotting away in a field, such a contrast for I had been shooting. Chasing cows out of the shot instead of posing a model turned out to be a little more challenging but that day I came away with a great set of photos. 

These shots were very well received and did quite well online, but there was something else that came from the photos. This junk yard was the only one for miles and to this day has a very well known reputation in the area. The owner also is very sentimental about these old cars and can tell you the story of almost all of them. Walking through the junk yard my dad would point out "there's the mustang your mom wrecked while we were dating" or "I remember bringing this car up here, it belonged to your cousin before he put into a ditch." There was a sense on nostalgia in this yard and it was captured in the photos. 

I returned to the yard again a year later, this time the lower part of the yard was open and free for us to roam. Appropriately named "Memory Lane" these were the cars with history that were not allowed to be scavenged from, only restored. Hudsons, Torino GT's & more rare fords than you see at a cruise night, Memory Lane was amazing. My grandfathers Galaxie 500 hidden away in a barn with a second one sitting outside was the next restoration project. We spent the next few hours in blistering cold winds avoiding the cows & shooting these amazing finds. 

Editing all of these photos and seeing the groups sharing them I knew I had to document as many of these as I can find. Junk yards to yard art these classics need to be photographed and their stories told. I've been collecting locations online for the past few years and next year I want to take 1-2 weeks to travel the country shooting them & collecting their stories. Bonus points if I can find a reliable custom to do it in. 



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